Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight my daughter, her boyfriend Waylon, her friend Katy, and Katy’s son Kelton, and I got together to carve some pumpkins. As you can tell we got hot and opened the windows. Ahhhhh gotta love the south! ;)

They did really well on carving theirs. I chickened out and just did a traditional carving. lol I don’t have the patience for all that drawing, punching, etc. We all had lots of fun. Katy even brought a haunted CD for us to listen to to get us in the spirit of things. I got plenty of pumpkin to make some pumpkin pies with now.


Cindy carved this one.


Waylon’s masterpiece. He freehanded this one.


All of them together.


Cindy’s spider one she did.


Waylon’s face he carved.


Kelton’s cat face.


Katy’s witch face. She also did the large face one in the pic of all of ours together. It’s the face toward the bottom of the pic.


Oh and to top off the night, Kelton had a loose tooth and he wound up pulling the thing out and grossed us all out. ;)

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