Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Which Mirror?

Can you all help me decide? I think I have a thing for mirrors as well. As I have said in the past I have a thing for lamps. Then I have ALSO decided I have a thing for small curvy tables. lol When I was up in the attic awhile back I got to looking around at all the extra mirrors I have acquired. I have one stuck behind my couch waiting to find out just how to make it look like that one I saw on a wood working show. It was greenish and look like it had been antiqued.

I had bought a couple a few weeks back for this dresser but since I got to thinking about it I want to keep those for using in the other part of the house and use one of these in the pix for the mirror for the dresser BUT I can’t decide WHICH ONE!

I was going to use the wider one and went in the attic to get it earlier and saw these two and thought, oh they’re curvy at the top and would be neat looking with it. Then I was looking again at the wider one and it is curvy at the top to. ughhhhhh I am going to sand them down and paint them all to match, the dresser and the mirror, which ever one I decide on. ???? I have started sanding on the dresser but NEED to make a decision on which mirror so I figured you all could help me.


These are the mirrors I bought and was going to use with it. But then decided I would like to keep those for above my mantel or somewhere else in the house. They are very old and very very heavy and in need of some TLC and paint.


This is a mirror and friend had given me with a dresser. I am using the dresser for a storage area in the shed but kept the mirror in the attic.


And here are the other two. I was trying to decide on these two of the one above for the dresser.


So which one? This is for our master bedroom which I am still working on redoing. I am doing it in a beachy theme and this dresser and which ever mirror I decide on will be painted country white. The walls are sky blue with white trim.


Susan said...

I like the mirrors in the last picture the best to go above the dresser. The two that go together. I can't wait to see pictures of your beachy bedroom. The other brown mirror would look fine too, but I think it would look more traditional.

Laura said...

The last one!!! Absolutely !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose! I like the last mirror too! I think it would look great above your dresser! Please do share a picture when you decide what one you are going to use, okay?
Take care and have a great weekend!! Will visit you again on here or on the CS forums!