Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Neat Shots (cont.)

Here are some more neat shots. My daughter took these next three pix which I thought was really neat!



She also took this pic of the morning glories in the sand.


I saw this old piece of wood and thought it was so neat with all these holes in it. The sand and water has rotted it over time and it’s really unique.


My daughter, Cindy also took this next pic of the turtle. This one was taken in the Audubon Society’s area. A little boy brought some bread with him and he was feeding the turtles some of it. This one was a soft shell turtle.


This heron was close to a guy that was fishing. As I got closer to him I could see a fish flopping on the sand. I told the guy, he is wanting your fish. He responds, he was eating out of my bucket. It was eating his bait to catch the fish with. He turned around and he was munching down on his bait. lol Now that’s makes new meaning to a free lunch. Well actually this was Sunday breakfast. lol


Another neat shot of the sandy beach at the end. Water is on both sides because it gets narrow toward the end.


The water here is washed in when the tide is up. There is a really wide area of sand here in the middle before it actually gets to the beach edge. But I thought this was neat where the curves are and how it has that layered look from the water washing up against the sand.


I took this pic just as the pelican was picking up to fly. They sit on the water waiting for a snack to swim by. I have never in my life seen soooooooooo many pelicans in one place! They have herds here on this island and they call LA. the pelican state and I’m wondering why, because I have never seen them like they are here!


Next post I make I will show you some tree shots I took. They have lots of live oaks on the island and I mean some really old ones to.

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