Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bargains and Blessings

Wanted to share my bargains with you all because there are a few that enjoy seeing what I find. First off, the two wooden picture frames, my cousin builds these. She gave me and my sister one and my sister gave me hers. I thought that was SO SWEET of her to give me hers. Since I don’t have my house decorated in the Primitive decorating style, I filled in the holes and am going to paint them to go in my beachy bedroom. But wanted to show you the before pics of them.




Now for all my bargains. This little fish was so cute I couldn’t resist. I have NO IDEA what I will do with it.


My daughter broke the clear glass cylinder that fit on this silver candle holder the other day. She was throwing the ball to our dog and she hit the tip of it and broke it. No biggie since I didn’t pay much for it to begin with. That’s the joy of thrift store shopping. ;) Anyway I found this one for 1.00 something and decided it would fit on here and I like it better since it’s curvy. It’s actually a globe.


This next glass piece I dearly loved. It is very heavy and it was 3.95. A little more than I usually pay for this sort of thing. But I love glass cut like this and had to have it.


Oh and isn’t this teapot just too precious? I just had to have it to. It wasn’t but 2.59.



I got these Bill and Gloria Gathier video’s for only 1.05 each. I bought like 15-16 of them. There was 3 more there I left. We’re already enjoying them!!!


What did you find this week? I sure hope you got out and looked because the joy of the hunt is soooo much fun! Like finding treasures.

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