Thursday, January 28, 2010


Isn’t this pretty? I found it yesterday while looking around for some plastic things I could use for moulds for when I make my bar soap.

Anyway just as I was walking by the lady put it in the bin in front of me. It looked SOOOO SPRING to me that I had to have it. It’s a davae (sp?) cover. I’m hoping my daughter will put it on her bed as it’s too small for mine. Either way, one day I will use it when she’s married if she doesn’t use it now. ;)


Sorry the pic is so dark. Our bedroom doesn’t have but the one window in it and so it’s dark in there. I washed the cover last night and spread it over our bed this morning to get a pic of it.

The background of it is white.


Susan said...

I have always wondered exactly how those duvet covers worked. I have a large comforter that is very expensive but I don't like the color (it was given to me). Anyway, I like the one you got. You find great deals where you live Rose. We are so buried in snow here, I am having thrifting withdrawal. More snow to come Friday UGH!

Anonymous said...

Rose!! Where are you?????