Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Rose is needing a project! lol IF I could just get my flooring for my bedroom I would have one. ;) Trying to save up the money now for the floor covering.

The front and back door needs a coat of paint as well as the front porch and the patios BUT it’s too cold for painting! I guess I could take the wallpaper off my bathroom wall but really don’t want to start a major project like that and then have to wait about painting that wall as well. UGHHHHH what to do? LOL I’m sure I will think of one I CAN DO shortly if I keep thinking!

Too cold outside to work in the flower beds or to get mulch for them. So I am washing clothes and washing up our dogs bed covers. Going to give him a bath next to.

I just washed and cleaned up my meat grinder I found yesterday. I oiled the little round disks so they wouldn’t rust. Now I can box that up and put it away.

Hubby forgets to pour out the ashes from the fireplace. I have always done that since he worked and I didn’t and that way he could spend his time after getting home from work, getting wood or whatever. That is when we did use the fireplace which isn’t all the time. So now he doesn’t even think of pouring the ashes out. Every time I think about it he’s outside busy or gone. So they were over flowing and had to be dumped.

I guess I COULD get that quilt put together. I have all the parts for it already and I could lay that out and pen it together so I could start tacking it together. HMMMM I think I may have just found the project! lol

What project do you have going now?

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