Saturday, January 2, 2010

Howdy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yeah I am STILL kicking! ;) Just been a little busy with the holidays! I think it’s going to slow down a little now. At least I HOPE IT IS! Now is the time for taking down all the decorations….ughhhhh AND all that dusting and cleaning AND rearranging that I do at this time of the year. For some reason after I take down all the decorations I want to change things around in our living room. Don’t ask me WHY, I just do. I guess it’s because all the lights and glitz is gone from all the Christmas decorating and things are drab and I need change. That’s what I am going to say it is anyway! ;)

So I hope you’re having a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I don’t think I am making any new year resolutions this year but I am going to TRY and lose just a little weight. Not going to even set a goal at that. Just going to start and see where I go from there. I need to lose some so I can breath. ;) Am on the look out now for me a treadmill so I can walk on the days it’s freezing cold outside or raining. I know I will grow very tired of the thing sitting in my living room BUT I hope I can make myself use it so it wont become a fixture in there.

OK I think I am going to bed. It’s about that time again.




Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Rose to you and your dear family. I plan to start taking down Christmas tomorrow after church. Went out today with the girls and bought a few things for a new look I'm planning.New Year's resolution to stop shopping so I guess I failed already lolol.


Jackie Blue said...

Happy New Year Rose!