Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Went on my daily walk this evening after a little shower we had. In fact I was trying to get my walk in before the bottom fell out. They’re saying we’re under a tornado watch now. Anyway while I was walking I kept noticing how pretty the droplets of water was on the pines. I decided when I got done with my walking if it wasn’t flooding I would get my camera and take a few pix.




Then in the next pix you can see views of our pond in front of the house. As you can see it’s a very dreary day.



Toward the middle of the pic is the dam of the pond. As you can see our grass is an old yucky brown color now in the dead of winter.


I thought this next shot was neat with all the green on the pines and the brown pine straw on the ground. This is the wall of the pond on the opposite end of the dam.


This is the end of my pix. Hope you enjoyed walking around in my yard with me!

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