Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Playing Around (cont.)

I wanted to share some more of those antique store pix I took for you all. I never did finish sharing them all. Isn’t this the cutest tea set? Man I could have spent 3K very easy!


Loved this set of dishes set up on this table! They were over 1K. REALLY PRETTY china though! The pic doesn’t show it justice at all! :(


This sea shell is fake but looked so real that I had to feel of it. It was as light as a feather. You can see just how big it is from the crocks sitting with it. Those are large crocks.


I dearly love this two little cabinets. I have no idea what they’re used for. Would be cute little night stands if you bed was up really high off the floor. ;)


Sorry but some of my pix are blurry and I have no idea why.

These tea cups were SOOOO HARD for me to pass up! Aren’t these things FINE!? Seems like they were 35.00 EACH! OUCHP1141221

Check this one out!


Check this thing out! LOL It’s almost as big as a volkswagon. ;) Not really but can you imagine having to push that thing around with a child in it? OR even getting it off the wagon or out of a car. lol


Last but not least, check this out. Man I sure am glad things have changed for us women when it comes to washing the clothes! My Mom used to have one of those old ringer type washing machines. It was on our back porch. She was out there washing clothes one day and had to go inside for something and told me to stay away from it. I guess I had been hanging around being really curious about it. (that’s me, I love to see HOW things work!) Anyway as soon as she got out of sight, I went over to it and started putting the clothes through the thing when all of sudden that stupid thing sucked my arm up into it. I guess I was screaming like mad because she came a running and I don’t remember what happened after that. I don’t remember how she/they got me out of it. ???? BUT she never did have to tell me to stay away from it again! lol So when I see one of these, my arm hurts. ;)


OK that will be it for today. BUT I do have many more to share so come back and visit with me again. :) Oh and do leave a comment! I LOVE THEM!



Laurie said...

Dear Rose,
I really enjoy the photos you share. I love antique and thrift store shopping too, you never know what you may find!
I also love a good cup of tea and have made a little ritual for myself of having afternoon tea.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Laurie said...

I just noticed on your profile that you are from Hattiesburg ~ well I'm here in Ocean Springs Ms!!
Small world!