Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playin’ Around

What can you do when you’re waiting for your car to be fixed? Y you can shop at the antique stores! ;) and that’s JUST WHAT we did yesterday! My daughters car was in the shop and we played. This is pretty far from our home so we couldn’t go home and come back so we shopped. I thought about you all about half way through the first shop and started taking pix. As you can see from the pix there were loads and loads of tea cups! I am saving up for my bedroom floor covering or I would have bought lots of stuff!

OHHH and we also visited a cemetery. There were lots of old graves in it and we like to see old grave stones! I will share those pix later on another post.

Hope you enjoy shopping with us!

I just loved this pic!


Check this out! Isn’t this thing fine!!! Price tag for it is first.


This thing is HUGE! 


Cloche anyone?





This thing was old! The wood was really rough on it as you can tell. I couldn’t help but think of all the prim ladies on the decorating forum on this one!


Look at the tea cups! None of them were over 12.98 a set. Some were even 10.99 for the set!

P1111454I loved this little green cabinet! BUT it wasn’t for sale. It was bolted to the lattice.  P1111458

check this out, complete with box, and tag still on it!



Thought of the prim ladies on this one to. In case you don’t know WHAT it is, it’s a floor lamp.




Is this fine or what? These things are HUGE and I do mean HUGE! You’d have to live in a mega huge house to have something like this.



Ok I need to stop so this can load or it will take all night with all these pix. lol

Hope you enjoy all the pretty things!



Marie said...

Hi Rose. I love antiques and visiting antique shops. I would have wandered home with a set of tea cups. They are so beautiful and the price was great!

Anonymous said...

Rose looks like you had a wonderful time. I know I would've given in to some of those beauties. My kind of store girl! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Jackie Blue said...

loved shopping with you...fabulous finds!