Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Soap

Well I thought I might need to check in because I haven’t posted in a little while. ;) I’ve been pretty busy when I do get time to get on the computer. You ask, what have I been busy doing on here? I am trying to learn how to make bar soap. I’ve made my own washing powders and I dearly love those! So I thought I would make some soap. My skin is horrible so I thought this might help it to get away from the harsh chemicals they add to our soaps. PLUS they take out the glycerin and sell that to. We need the glycerin left in there to help our skin from what I understand.

So I have been gathering my ingredients and my tools for a few weeks now to get going. And I had planned to make it one day this week and now they’re saying we might have 5 plus inches of snow this evening and tomorrow. Don’t like the stuff and wish it wouldn’t come in this direction!!! I am and always have been thankful that I live down south and not in the north where they have to deal with this mess all the time. :( I really and truly feel for them being shut in.

Ok back to the soap talk…..

I thought a pic would be cool since I have my ingredients now. Hubby and I have always wanted to go in this restaurant supply place in our area. We were passing by there yesterday when I said one day I want to come look in that place. Then hubby says I always wanted to go in it to. So I said, ok lets stop then, so I did. And we found this neat stainless steel bowl or pot whatever you want to call it. I think they put vegetables in it. Anyway I said to hubby, that would be really  neat to make the soap in and that way I wont have to be using my cooking pot. It was like 23.00 so we thought it was worth that and bought it. The large wooden spoon, lol, that was like 1.79 and I had to have it to. That one should be here when I have great great great grandkids. lol

Soap pot

In the pic below I have my ingredients together. I will use vegetable shortening, coconut oil, and olive oil for my fats. Then I am going to add ground up oats when it traces as they call it. I will probably add an essential oil at this time as well but I haven’t decided which one yet.


We looked at some digital scales there at the restaurant supply place as well but decided we could probably get that at Wal-mart for a little less and I had to go there anyway and get groceries. So anyway I did find one for $19.98 and bought it so I would be certain I was putting the right amount.

As you can see from the orange stickers on my items I found some deals at the local discount grocery. When I find them I get them because they’re such good deals.

Anyway like I was saying, my plans were to make some soap this week but I’ve been busy all morning trying to prepare for this cold weather just in case the power goes off. If all goes well my plans might not be messed up, we’ll see.

My niece let me borrow her DVD on soap making, so I could watch it. I learned a lot from the DVD!!! I was reading last night where you could superfat and you add some of your most precious oil at the last and that way some of that oil wont get sapananated sp? with the other oils. What that word means I think, if I am remembering right, the fats and the lye come together and make soap. And if you wait and add the olive oil in my case, at the last it will be better for you skin this way from what I am understanding. I am new at this and have read sooooooooooooo much I could be getting it confused!

You know I will post pix when I get my soap out of their molds. :)

Keep us in your prayers that we don’t lose our power and we also have water as well. :)


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Anonymous said...

OOO I can hardly wait to see how your soap turns out!! You do the neatest projects!!