Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soap and Dogs

Yeah what a combination huh?

Wanted to post a pic of our soap. As it cures it’s getting harder. The second batch we did was harder than the first batch, right off the bat. But the first batch is finally starting to get harder now. I was beginning to wonder! The round ones I had to put in the freezer in their muffin pan so they would come out of the pan. I don’t know if you can tell or not but they are a little whiter than the square ones beside them to the left of the pic. They are the same batch as the round ones are.


soaps curing


Then the next pic is of our dog Buddy. He had surgery today and we had just went to get him. I was letting him play around in the yard and potty. He had a growth come up on his anal area. We thought it was a hemorrhoid but it wasn’t.


Here he is scratching out. I started laughing and he really went at it. So he must not be in any pain. He is in there sleeping now. They gave us some antibotics and some pain meds for him. They said he was a really good dog. I’d have to agree. :) He’s just  hard headed! lol

Buddy scratching out

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