Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank you's

Thank you Punky and Susan!
I'm here Punky just been busy learning about how to make soap. Also right now trying to prepare for all of this snow they're saying we're suppose to get. I SURE HOPE they're wrong, because we lose our power at the drop of a hat almost! :( Hubby cranked the generator yesterday to make sure it would crank in case we need it.
Susan the d. cover for the bedspreads are really neat because you can wash that and not the spread. They wouldn't be hard to make either. You could take flat sheets and make on and just to a flap on the top edge and put buttons and button holes to close it with. You'd have to have 2 flats ones and then maybe a twin size one to make the flap with. You'd have to get one a little larger than your bedspread is so it would fit down into it easily.

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