Monday, February 15, 2010


Well my sis and I finally got together and made our soap! We had a blast! We were laughing so hard. My digital scales like to have drove us insane! It took us a little while to get everything weighed and each item as we were trying to weigh it, the things would cut off! UGHHHHH Don’t know if you have ever tried to make soap or use digital scales. Let’s say we need 8 0z. olive oil for the soap, we’d get it to 9 0z. then take some out. Then we’d get too much out. Then we’d put some back in, then we’d need to put some more in. lol Anyway the scales would turn off and we’d have to restart the thing and we’d have to get another bowl of the same kind and make it go to 000 so it wouldn’t also be adding the weight of the bowl. Oh dear, patience patience patience and I don’t have those anymore! Have NO CLUE where they went! lol But we’d get to laughing and we’d laugh and we’d laugh.

So anyway we made one batch and then we made another batch. Our first batch was RoseMary Mint with ground up oatmeal in it. Then the second batch we wanted plain because we want to play around with it.

Anyway here is some of our results. They are still in the molds right now. We’ve got to leave them there until they are firm enough to take out and cut. We’ll have square soap and round soap.

We greased the muffin pan which is plastic and if I can’t get the soap out, I’ll just stick it in the freezer for a few minutes and they say it will shrink so it will come out then. I just went in there and cut the ones in the wooden molds and the last one we made is sitting up faster than the first one we made.

Rosemary mint with oatmeal.



RoseMaryMintSoap Square bars

This next one is the plain one. Plain Soap

Edited to add the cut soap…. I had to put the muffin pan in the freezer for hours and hours. THEN when I got it out, it STILL would not come out! SO I let it sit in some hot water for a few minutes and beat it against the floor, ON some freezer paper and out it came, one by one!

Bar soap


Susan said...

I love the idea of making your own soaps and washing powders. I want to hear how you like using the soaps when they are ready.

We have been getting snow after snow here in SW Virginia. We have piles of it so high, I don't think they will melt until April. I was worried about our power too but thankfully it didn't go out on me. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

They look so pretty!! I can almost smell them!!!