Friday, November 6, 2009

Workin’ in the Woods

Yep that’s just what I have been doing for the past two days. We have a section of our property that has just plain got out of hand. I used to keep it cut but then the mower tore up that could handle that large piece of property so it’s been basically let go for a few years now. Now I am trying to reclaim it! ;) I have bruises and sticker marks all over me. I was mowing today and a rather large sticker reached out and grabbed my leg. I had to stop and get the thorns out of my leg. Man it hurt and I just knew from the way it snatched my leg I’d also have bruises where the thorns went in, but so  far I don’t. My legs and arms are sooooo sore it feels just like I’ve been to the gym. I picked up a load of limbs and sticks and I do mean a load. Then I cut the high grass in those areas I picked up and also I even got a little pine straw for the flower beds from one area. That’s another reason why I am trying to clean it up, I want to be able to rake the straw and you can’t rake it when the grass is neck deep. I need about 10 people to help me get it back under control!!!! I’ll just have to hack away at it a little at a time until I get it I guess.

So that’s what I am been up to today and yesterday. It’s been a pretty week so far and I hope it holds out so I can get some more done on it.

I might even get you all a couple pix from up there. I’ll have to bag the camera up in a zip-lock though or it will get FULL and I do mean FULL of dust! It looked like smoke up there today when I was mowing!!!

I hope you all had a good week and have a wonderful weekend to boot!


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