Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starting to Decorate for Christmas

Cindy and I got out on the front porch today and  did just a little decorating. I want to do something around the windows as well but her boyfriend came over so we’ll do the rest later.

I haven’t decorated the front porch in a few years now so all the garlands were mashed into a large trash bag and put out in the shed from when we cleaned out her (Cindy’s) storage shed. So it was quite an undertaking to get them all fluffed out again! lol

This is what it looks like ON the porch.


Coming up the walkway.


From the side walking up the walkway.


Maybe we can work some more on it this week sometime. I’ve got to check out my icicle lights to see if they work or if some is blown. I might use some of those on the roof.

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