Saturday, November 7, 2009

In The Pines


As you can see, I had company in the pines today. I guess he followed me up there. This is Neb our very old cat. He is 13 years old now. He’s an honoree old thing! lol Notice where he is walking, where I mowed. He didn’t stay with me long though. He went off hunting I’m sure. The white cat was also up there with me later on and she was also hunting. I guess they thought, hmmmm Mom’s mowing lets go get us a mouse. ;)

As I promised I would get some pics of our over grown woods. The pine limbs have fallen all over the place. I start mowing in one area and then there is a big limb so I have to back up and mow some where else. So I’ve been doing that for 3 days now. When I get tired of mowing I stop and pick up sticks and limbs so I can mow more. That way I can see where I am stepping to. ;) Sure don’t want to get on a rattlesnake!


See those two large dead pines there at the bottom of the pic? I couldn’t budge them they were so heavy. Those were some Katrina blew over. You can see more in the pic. Anyway I went back to the house and got me a rope and tied it to the pines and hooked the rope to the mower and it wouldn’t budge them either.  So I broke all the limbs off them that were in the high grass and then rolled them over with a fork thing and then the mower would pull them, one at a time or course. I did one more large one and got them all piled up in a pile to burn.


You can see my pile of limbs from yesterday in this pic. See all that really pretty grassy stuff? That is cogan grass. Not sure how that’s spelled. Anyway that stuff will take over and it spreads by underground roots and it will kill anything that’s trying to grow in it, pines included. We’ve got some stuff to poison it with. I sure hope it kills it on the first try!!!


That’s a large area I mowed. I went back and mowed some more after I picked up some large limbs. Then toward the right of the pic is another large area I mowed and raked pine straw. Well actually I raked and THEN mowed. I had to mow me a path from the house to this area since it was all grown up.


More spots I mowed and picked up limbs. You can see our other mower toward the top of the pic. I’ve been mowing with that one since the deck goes up higher on it than it does on the other one. That way in case I can’t see a huge limb hopefully the blades will miss it since the decks up sooooo high. I’ve got the wagon hooked to the orange mower. PB070772

See my zip lock in the seat of the mower? I put my camera in that to keep the dust out of it. ;)You can see one of the paths I mowed at the right side of the pic in the pines. They have gotten SOOOO THICK in areas I’ve got to wait for hubby to thin them before I can do anything in those areas. He has a blade for his weed eater so I’m HOPING that will work to cut those small ones down with.


There are several of the little pines that are dead. They are toward the left of the pic. I guess they are just wayyyyy too thick and it’s killed them.

I was telling my daughter how peaceful and nice it is up here in the pines. It’s so quite you can hear the wind blowing up there. Just soooo peaceful that I am thinking about putting a table or something up there so I can sit and enjoy the peace and quite! Wouldn’t that be a neat place to do my daily devotions? hmmmmmmmmmm reacon I could put a sofa up there? ;) Jus jokin’

I’ve got to chill out for a couple days now and let my back rest because it is really hurting tonight.

I really really NEED me a tractor!!!!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my tour!

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