Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beach Bedroom Redo

Well hubby and I went today and decided on which floor covering we wanted for the bedroom. It looks a little like ceramic tile and it’s like 6” square ones. I had picked out a smaller square like 2” but when we looked again at it, it was very thin so we went with a thicker one and it’s the 6” square one. It’s still light in color like I wanted though and I really like it better than the other one to. I can’t wait to get it put down and get everything in  order in that room! I will get a pic of the floor covering when I get it down in there. I had my camera in my purse and didn’t even think about taking a pic of it. ughhhhh They don’t deliver so I’ve got to find someone to help get it here.

We went over there since we were in town to check and see just how long the rolls of vinyl flooring was so we’d know if it would fit in the SUV or not. It’s 12’ and haven’t measured yet but don’t think it’s going to fit into the SUV. :( I HATE to bother people! UGHHHHH

Anyway that’s all the news today on the bedroom.


We worked a little out in the yard today. We cut down all the elephant ears, banana trees, verbena etc. All the stuff that dies back when we have frost. We still have lots to go yet. I have one verbena that I will HAVE to take a pic of for you! The thing is hanging out of the bed it is sooooo big! It’s NEVER gotten THIS BIG before! It’s much wider than a car. It sure is pretty to!!!

Then I got the sweeper and got the leaves from the yard for the flower beds. I got a bunch to but it got too dark on me and I had to quit. I had trouble seeing how to park the mower and sweeper it was sooo dark.

Well after I made this post I decided to get in there and get the coat of varnish on my dresser and mirrors. It is nice and shiny now. ;) So that is also done now. Got my larger glass lamp and sea shells out as well so I can get those put in the lamp some time tomorrow hopefully.

So it was a good successful day here today. Just soooooo happy to get some more of the to do’s done! We have soooooo many of those. lol

I hope you had a great day to!

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