Saturday, November 28, 2009


Several folks have asked about Buddy here lately so I figured I would make a post about him. He is totally spoiled and is very hard to take pix of. Because when you sit down on the floor, he thinks it’s play time. lol But here are a few I snapped in-between pushing him back some since he was wayyyyyy too close. ;)





Hee hee see what I mean? I had several that were so blurry you couldn’t tell WHAT it was! lol

Can you see all his toys in the background? He keeps them all over the place. You can pick them up and put them back into the container we keep them in but he is NOT happy unless ALL of them are on the floor. ;)

He is a VERY GOOD dog though! Just very very very hard headed!!!!

I’ve GOT to get him to the vet and let them trim his toe nails. They do it so quickly he never knows what hit him.

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