Monday, November 9, 2009

A Good Day

Hubby and I had to go take care of some business today in town. When we got finished he asked me did I want to go to my favorite place and what do you think I said? ;) Y yeah! I had went to Wal-Mart, and my favorite place AND to Hancock Fabrics looking for some chocolate fabric to match the throw pillow I had found last week. I want to make us a quilt for our bedspread. I thought a chocolate, beige, and the blue would be pretty together. I’m thinking about going with navy blue. Got to ask the dear daughter (DD)  because I’m just not good at matching things like this.  Anyway I told hubby that I might just find my chocolate fabric there at my favorite store. I walked in there and saw a chocolate brown something and just KNEW it was the fabric I had been looking for. I walked over and checked it out and it was a shower curtain! LOL a plastic one at that! So oh well, didn’t find it there either.

Anyway I did find some really pretty things and just had to share them with you. I’ve got them in the washer now washing them all.

First I had to show you some gorgeous lamps my sister gave to me last night! I was telling her about my wanting to make a quilt and do me some old quilting frames like they used to have many many years ago. The kind you pull up out of your way in the ceiling of the living room and then pull them back down when you want to quilt some more on your quilt. I just don’t know HOW to attach the cords to be able to do it like that. I know the sides are shorter 1x2’s than the width area where you sit to quilt but don’t know how to do the cords to pull it up with. :( Anyway she told me I was born in the wrong era and I totally agreed with her.



Now to find me some lamp shades for them. I have one with fringe on it in the attic and I want to see if that one will be good with one of them. I will use them in our green living room. Thank you again sistah! :)

I found some more old linens and there is TWO table clothes I could not pass up! I think I ALSO have a problem with linens and table cloths! lol See the little Old Moss Rose sugar dish I also found? You’re going to flip out when I tell you, ALL of this was $2.14! There is 5 round crocheted doilies, the sugar dish, (no lid) small magnified mirror, several more doilies, some pretty pillowcases with eyelet edges, a beige dust ruffle which I thought was a flat sheet. It has crochet on it’s edge.


One of the table cloths,(white Battenberg) and the twin dust ruffle.


Round white embroidered table cloth. There is not one spot on this one! This thing is soooo pretty! I LOVE the colors!!


Close up of some of the crochet doilies, the Old Moss Rose sugar dish, and the mirror.


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