Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving even though it is a little early. As I was looking for some ideas on what to have for our lunch I got the idea to share some of what I found on my blog in case you all are looking for something else to add to your dinner or lunch. Maybe I can save you some time searching! I hope so!!!

Do you want something with pumpkin in it? Click on the underlined pumpkin. That is a recipe for a pumpkin cake roll.

Snappy Pumpkin Cheesecake? All you will have to do is click on the underlined words to get the recipes. That one looks soooooo good! I have GOT to try it!!! Read the comments at the bottom of that link because they say you can also use a graham cracker pie shell instead of the cookies. But do read the comments on each one and that way you’ll know if the recipe is a decent one or not and also some tips they give may help yours taste better as well.


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