Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look For Me

A little while ago I was working around in the kitchen and decided I wanted to listen to another one of the Gathers videos I found awhile back at the thrift store. So I put one in the VCR and started working and listening. The song that Rusty Goodman wrote, Look for Me, came on. I had forgotten about that song and had to go in there and rewind it and listen to it again. I LOVE that song and I have just GOT to tell you why!!!

You see I was raised up in a religion called Jesus Name, then Church of God and some others. My sister and I lived with several family members most of our life, from Aunts and Uncles to Grandparents. Most of what I saw as a small child was inconsistency. The reason I say that is, some of these religions set their standards so high even they can’t live it for long periods of time. No TV, no make up, no short sleeve clothes, dresses to hide the knees, and on and on and on, all outward things mostly.

So as a child I had no part in their religions. I didn’t even want a part of it when I grew up either, no religion in fact. I was against any of them because I thought they were all the same. So years after I got married and had our little girl we started going to a Baptist church and I got saved. But was confused because of what all I had been taught in these other churches. You see when one doesn’t believe in TV or having a TV when one goes to others homes that has a TV they would sit and watch the TV that they didn’t believe in having or watching. I’m not trying to judge anyone here, just trying to let you see why I was so confused with it all. I don’t remember ever sharing this with anyone when I was a child or teen. There’s several reasons why but I wont go into all that because it’s beside the point now.

Anyway this religion thinks once you sin, you have to go back and get the Holy Ghost again. They think that’s getting saved and IF you don’t get the “Holy Ghost” you’re not saved. A lot of the folks I see in these religions are brain washed in my opinion. It’s sad to me because they are making themselves miserable trying to be something they can’t consistently be all the time because they’re not God, we’re human beings and we’re going to sin. But we have to ask for His forgiveness when we do sin.

Man I would be “praying through” as they call it, 24-7 because a wrong thought is a sin, talking about people is a sin, doing something you think is a sin and you do it anyway, (like watching TV) is a sin, looking down on others is a sin. I mean I could go on and on all day.

Anyway I chased a rabbit there…… So I was so confused when I did get saved. I thought I was suppose to keep walking the aisle to get saved again because I didn’t FEEL saved all the time. When I walked that aisle the first time, I meant it, I meant it to the bottom of my heart but was so confused on all I had been taught at these other churches. So one day I walked the aisle yet again in a revival and the preacher preaching the revival wanted to talk to me later.

So he talked to me and then he opened up his Bible, something no one else had ever done before. I wont ever forget his name, Bro. Royalty.  He opened up his Bible and he told me to read this verse in John out loud and I read it and when I did, I was crying before I even finished reading the verse. He could feel the Holy Spirit in me while I was reading and crying and he was laughing. From then on I KNEW I could not go by feelings I had to go by what the Bible told me because once I asked God to forgive me of my sins, and save me I had to believe He did just that because I ASKED! But I was doubting and confused.

I got to lead 3 teens to Jesus one night at a revival meeting we had in a coliseum. Our church was helping in it and they needed folks to help with the invitation. Every one of those young teens said they had walked the aisle before. As I sat here talking to them and later praying with them the sinners prayer, I couldn’t help but think, now IF I hadn’t went through this same thing myself I wouldn’t know what they were going through.

After they prayed I told them all to write down that verse in the front of their Bibles right then because I KNEW later on they would doubt. I told them if they really meant what they said in that prayer we prayed that God saved them and this verse WAS THEIR PROOF even though they might not “ FEEL” saved at one time or the other. And when they felt like that, to go and reread this verse aloud. I had found some certificates online earlier in the day and had printed them out and we also filled those out with their names on them the day they got saved and the time etc. And they put those in their Bibles. I have thought about these 3 teens many many times wondering where they are now, and what they have done with their lives, and if that helped them like it helped me.

So WHY am I going on and on about this? Today when I heard this song, Look for Me, it reminded me of this and I felt like I needed to share this on my blog. I want to share the words of that song with you.



When you finally make your entrance to that city…

Of jasper walls and bright golden avenues.

When you behold all its beauty and its splendor,

Remember there is one request I make of you.


Look for me, for I will be there too!!!!!

I realize when you arrive there’ll be so much to do.

After you’ve been there ten thousand years,

A million maybe two……

Look for me, for I will be there too!!!!!

As you go down your list of firsts, there’s no question,

You’ll want to see your loved ones waiting there for you.

And when you feel you’ve shared your story with the last one.

That wants to hear you tell just how you made it through.


Look for me, for I will be there too!!!!!

I realize when you arrive there’ll be so much to do

After you’ve been there ten thousand years

A million maybe two

Look for ME, for I will be there too!!!!!!!


Thank GOD I CAN KNOW that I WILL BE THERE TO…………down here because He said so in His word!!! It’s soooo exciting and I want to scream, I WILL BE THERE TO! Thank You Jesus for helping me get that all worked out in my head and in my heart!!! You are just awesome!!


Jackie Blue said...

I work with a lady who must have attended a church as you described. She is still brain-washed. Even though she is far from her birth home and is married and does NOT attend any church .....she still wears the clothes and no make up etc. We are always wondering why she will not "ease up" a little.....

Daffodil Hill said...

Legalism does so much damage. I am glad you'll be in Heaven. We may never meet in person on this earth, but when you get there, you look for me, 'cause I will be there, too!

A friend was recently telling me about some books he has been reading on this very subject. I'll try to find out the titles and let you know what they are.

Anonymous said...

Rose, thank you so much for sharing the words to this beautiful song! I, too, really love watching the Gaither's on tv. They were here in Oklahoma City not real long ago. I wasn't able to go see them, but sure would love to if they come this way again!

Have a wonderful weekend Rose! Catch you again sometime on the CS forum!