Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I’m Just Stuck

I want to do something to get this bedroom underway but am just stuck.

I decided to paint the floor instead of putting anything down at this point. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and I need the money for that now. So for now I am going to just paint the floor and call it a day. ;) My sister has said she will help me with this so it wont turn out to be a week long project of waiting until each coat dries. I’d have to move our bed into the living room until we get the floor done in the bedroom. I knew if I did it by myself it would take at least a week to get it all done and then the waiting for each coat to dry as I said.

I would put the bed in the office/sewing room but it is full of things that belong in the bedroom! I was just looking around in here just wondering IF I could move all these pieces of furniture out of here and put the bed in here for that time so it wouldn’t be in the living room. lol I’d rather have the other pieces of furniture in the living room than my bed. ;) Might have to try that! I have two very small rooms and one of them is this room and the other is our daughters bedroom which is small as well, but a little larger than this office/sewing room is. 

I want to clean out this office and get it back in order but I can’t until I get the bedroom floor done. UGHHHH so everything is depending on this bedroom getting done! My sister is sick with some kind of sinus crud and I’ve not been feeling very well either. So we’re waiting until we get to feeling better.

THEN comes the Christmas decorating. I wouldn’t ever in a million years thought I’D BE SAYING THIS BUT, I’m SOOOO CLOSE to not even decorating inside this year. It’s just too cluttered and I am trying so hard to un-clutter the place! I’m just not in a decorating mood and just don’t feel good.

I did see something I am thinking about doing for the bedroom though and I am TRYING to make my mind up IF I want to do that or a roman blind! I was looking around my sister in law’s house the other day and they made something like shutters for on the inside of their windows and she covered them in cloth. They just built a 1x2” frame the length of the window and half the width. That’s one side and the other side would be the same. And it’s just made in a square and covered in cloth of the backside toward the outside. Then she stapled the cloth onto the 1x2” board square thing. They put them on  with hinges so they would be opened and closed. I really like the look and that look would be neat for our beachy bedroom. I just don’t want anything you can see through.

But anyway I am ready to move on with this bedroom and get my house back in order. Tired of all the clutter and disarray. Maybe by the time this year is over my sister and I will have this bedroom FINISHED! YES FINISHED! LOL And them maybe just maybe we can enjoy if for years and years to come!

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