Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Still Have Snow

Check it out. Can’t believe after all the sunshine now for two days we still have snow.

This was our garden spot back in the summer.





Even my salvia looks like it made it. It’s sitting under the edge of the patio roof.


More snow……



Snow on the roof…


Even the split leaf behind my fountain still looks good!



These next few shots are for my bestest friend in the whole wide world! Tammy T. you can use some of these or one of these for your desktop if you’d like to. :)

Brown and green, brown and green. She LOVES brown and green. ;)



My tulip tree is SO confused! lol It’s been blooming ALL SUMMER LONG off and on and now it looks like it has more blooms on it.


And now for THE rug! I have scrubbed this thing on my hands and knees TRYING to get some spots out of it. It is VERY heavy when it is dry let alone wet! We needed it to dry so we put it on the back of the old car so it would be in the sun and dry faster. Well it has rained ever since I washed it. Then it got snow on it as you can see. I am wondering if this poor thing will ever get to dry. ;) Anyway the spots are STILL in it and I don’t think they are the least bit lighter in color either. :( But anyway I’ll figure out some kind of use for it if I can’t get them out on one more try since I did spend 10.00 on it I can’t just toss it. lol If nothing else the cats can sleep on it under their blankets! ;)


Hope you’re enjoying all the snow photo’s.


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Susan said...

Hi Rose,

Love your snow pictures. We got a little bit here in Virginia on Saturday and it was beautiful. I had to laugh about the rug. I have one I put out over my fence the in back yard to dry out a couple months ago, and it's still there. Everytime I would think I could bring it in, it would rain again and now it's wet again from the snow. I'm beginning to think it's going to be there til spring.