Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Decorating

I am Christmas decorating in segments this year. ;) We finally got the tree up AND decorated today. I think I am going to tuck some gold ribbon here and there into the tree though and then be done with it. All the presents under the tree are ones our DD bought. She has done some shopping this year!


These next pix are some of the ornaments on the tree. Cindy bought me the little gingerbread men and the little cardinals and also the little cookies at Cracker Barrel. She usually gets me some ornaments there each year. These are the satsuma's I dried. lol Looks like the gingerbread man eat a chunk out of this one! ;)

PC131284 PC131283


PC131289 PC131288

Here is the wreath I fixed for the front door. I still need to wrap it IN the ribbon don’t I? I just realized it needed something else when I saw the pic. The wind has blown my bow streamers off to one side. 


This is a little lamp my sister bought me one year. I just love how it reflects on the wall the images on the globe part. I just love having all these things family and friends have bought me all in my house. Makes one have warm and fuzzy feelings all over! :) Oh and how I do LOVE lamps! ;)


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Jackie Blue said...

I so love the tree and the lamp!!!