Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Went by the Dollar Tree trying to find some goodies for my husbands coffee basket we always get him for Christmas and found some really cute stars for the front porch windows. They’re not wanting to hang right though because they’re not flat on the back. I THOUGHT they were when I bought them. :( Thinking about taking the Dremel tool to them on the back so they will be flat at the point in the center so they will fit flat against the window. Don’t know if you can tell or not in the pic but they are hanging kind of sideways at an angle. They are 24” wide and very shiny and made from hard cardboard. In case you can’t tell they are gold in color.


Then yesterday I was in Hobby Lobby and they had their grapevine wreaths 1/2 off so I found this one for the front door for $2.50. I also found some little red bells at the Dollar Tree that I am going to put in the bow and let those hang down in the wreath for the front door. I am going tomorrow and see if I can find some grapevine for the poles on the front porch. I want to put that around them and then some ribbon like someone suggested on the forum. I thought that was a really neat idea. I sure hope I can find some!!! I have TONS of ribbon! Do you think I need to put some ribbon on top of the stars?

Anyway here is my grapevine wreath and also the next pic is of the ribbon I am using on the front porch and on the wreath. The bows are already on each pole out there. I wanted to fix the wreath tonight but this mess is falling out of the wreath and making a mess! So I will wait until I can do that outside! I am just going to put the bow on top and the bells will hang from it and am also going to do another bow at the bottom of the wreath! I saw that done on a house last night and I liked it.




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