Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cute Things

While about town today I saw this and thought you all might like to see this. These are real and the whole wall with shelves are covered with them. Wouldn’t this make some little boys Christmas brighter?



The next little goodie I have is called boo boo rabbits. They are called boo boo rabbits because when the little child gets a boo boo you stick a piece of ice into the rabbits back and they can hold onto the rabbit and their hands wont be freezing trying to hold onto the ice. These are folded up bath clothes. Aren’t they precious?



My daughter is going to make a friend of hers a grapevine wreath so when her daughter has her baby they will have it for the door at the hospital and for home as well. I saw these and just HAD to get them for the wreath!

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