Monday, December 14, 2009


Found a couple goodies today in my thrift store shopping but only can share one of them because my DH wont be getting on here. lol

Got this basket for 1.50 at the thrift store and my plans for it is for my DH a coffee basket. He loves it when we do this for him for Christmas. He loves different flavors of coffees. We can buy him all sorts of stuff for a really large basket and it’s gone within a week and a half. So this year I bought a herd of stuff. Went to the Dollar Tree and found all kinds of goodies for the basket. Anyway I got him 3 different bags of flavored coffees, one is coconut which he LOVES. Then I got him some cookies, some snacks of all kinds, creamers, some biscotti, and I don’t know what all else I got to go in there. OH I got 3 different kinds of cookies for it. Most of them I bought 2 of each one. lol

I put the books in it so you can see just how BIG it is! These are large books. I got these books also for .50 each.


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