Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mantel Decorating

Got the mantel decorated this evening. I still want to do something to the insert below it but was tired and just could not think of anything to do with it. I tried several things and didn’t like the way it looked. IF I can find another one of those picture holder do dads to match the others, that would be neat because I would be carrying over the same thing from above. I thought those would really be neat to put our Christmas cards in.


I also thought about taking all the stuff off the shelves above my windows and sitting Christmas cards along those as well. Just depends on how many we get. The old Christmas stockings I made for us many many moons ago. They are so faded but I love them just the same. I have hours and hours in each one of those things! There is even a teddy bear that is stuffed on one of them. I should have gotten a close up of them for you all. The old felt that I hang them with is falling apart. I guess I will have to get something else for hanging them so they will stay put. I’d hate to come home one day and find one of them melted on the insert. I’d just die right there! My daughter Cindy was like 2-3 years old when I made them and she is 31, and almost 32. She’d kill me if she knew I was putting her older already! ;) 

With the over head lights off.



Just ignore the things sitting on the hearth. I thought I could get the shot without that in it but I couldn’t. I was playing around with those candles and the pix we got in Christmas cards this year but didn’t like the way it looked. Those picture holder thingies fan out like a peacocks feathers and they look neat I think with the Christmas cards in them. I just hope I can find one more to go on the insert. I think I will like that part then.

I have two hurricane globes on the mantel on each side right at the end of the mirror but you can’t really see those. I needed to have gotten a close up I guess.

Ok I went back and got some close ups of the stockings and the other things on the mantel.

Stockings first…….




Middle of the mantel.


Left side…


Right side….


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Jackie Blue said...

more cuteness...I love it! The stockings are adorable ...I wish I could make stuff like that..I used to be able to cross stitch ...but don't have time anymore. I have a daughter who is 32 as well! My oldest!