Friday, December 18, 2009

Updates on Outside Decorating

My pansies and a little decorations.


And next the whole view. I don’t think you can tell but that is a little wreath on the back of the chair with Santa sitting inside the wreath. I thought it was sooo cute!


Front of the house with all the ribbons and bows and grapevines. Someone had asked me on a forum if I have ever thought about placing shutters on the windows on the porch. Yes we had shutters but the wasps kept building their nests in them and I kept getting stung and I am allergic to them. We live so far off the road anyway, you can’t tell what’s on there and what’s not. lol So I took the things off because I got tired of fighting the wasps!


Front door with it’s grapevine wreath.


I put bows on the stars.


The mailbox…. my sister and I bought these little snowmen one year after Christmas at a grocery store. We bought all they had. I thought they would be sooo cute on the mailbox. They are glass and metal so they will be ok outside. I wired them on so they would stay.


Close up of the mailbox……


Now to decorate that china cabinet and be FINISHED! YEA!!!!! :)



Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Everything looks so pretty Rose!
You've done a wonderful job putting it all together!

Merry Christmas!

Jackie Blue said...

What a beautiful job...I am soooo jealous!! Everything is christmas card perfect ...

Have a wonderful holiday..