Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Well I am winding it up getting closer and closer to being finished with the decorating! I am done with the porch. Done with the mantel and the insert beneath it. Done with the tree, and the table. Done with the little area at my back door with the pansies and the little chair. I put pine limbs and some magnolia leaves and pinecones and some little birdhouses in and around it. I think it was Jackie Blue that gave me those ideas. I’ll take pix of it when I can. About all I lack now is decorating the mailbox and the china cabinet in the dining room.

Then I need to wrap some presents, which isn’t much. So I should be done with that pretty soon as well.  I have got to pick up a few more items and I should be done with the Christmas shopping.

What about you? Are you getting done with all your “to do” list as well? How about your shopping? You got all your decorating done? I sure hope so and then you can relax to and enjoy the season!! Let’s just keep in mind, “THE reason for the season!”

As I do all of my stuff I am thinking, WHAT am I going to cook for Christmas day? I know we will have cornbread dressing and gravy along with some cranberry sauce. Oh and some fried turkey but haven’t made it past that in my plans. ;)

Just SO HAPPY to be nearing the end of my decorating. Now I can breath a sigh of relief and sit back and enjoy it.

I decided to add some gold bows to the tree the other day after we got it decorated. I just felt it needed something else. I was below the tree a little when I took the pic. You can see the star really well when you stand away from the tree.


One of the little bows.







It’s raining out there now so later tomorrow maybe I can get outside pix.

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Susan said...

Your Christmas tree is just beautiful Rose. I hope you had a really merry Christmas. Here in Virginia we had a white one as there was still a lot of snow on the ground and actually, there still is.