Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pretty in the Winter and Projects

I don’t know about you but in the winter time I need some pretty things around me to get through it. I don’t like being shut up inside and I like bright colorful things. I decided to set my table with a pretty pink set of dishes my best friend bought me for my 50th birthday. Yeah I’m telling’ my age here. I need to get me some pretty little flowers to add to the center in the sugar dish.

We even ate out of the dishes at lunch time when we had taco’s. My friend totally surprised me with these dishes!!! My daughter told everyone that I loved pink. Oh by the way, it was a surprise tea party birthday! And man did they surprise me and THAT’S hard to do with me they say. I don’t have any forks or spoons or glasses on it yet. Still playing and tweaking.




Ignore my yellow dining room. I painted it that color a couple years ago and never finished the rest of the kitchen because I didn’t like it. Melissa over at The Inspired Rooms had a pic on her blog that I dearly loved and I think I have finally made up in my mind what color I want to do the kitchen and dining room in. I wanted to paint my cabinets as well but needed to decide on a color for the room and also for the back splash. I’ve made so many changes to this house with paint colors that I didn’t like, I didn’t want to do it again. I had seen a photo in a magazine and I don’t recall which one now but the cabinets were green and I dearly loved them. I think they had a glaze on them and I’ve never done that before. Anyway I was afraid I’d get sick of the green and then it would be a chore to have to keep repainting them so I changed my mind. BUT I keep being drawn BACK to these green cabinets when I see photos of them. Melissa had a photo on her blog and the kitchen was a brilliant white and the cabinets were green and I LOVED IT! So I think I need to go with the white in my moldings and stay with the soft color that I like on the bottom of the dining room because I like that color. Just not wild about that yellow in there. Our living room is painted green and both hubby and I love the color. He says it’s relaxing to him and it is me as well. I think I have FINALLY found a color we both like!

In reading Alexandra Stoddard’s book, Feeling at Home, she says to write down some colors you like and are drawn to. I have two of her books I bought a few years ago and have really enjoyed reading and learning from her. Then last week or the week before I went to the thrift store and found this book of hers. Home decorating is so hard for me for some reason. I see it in my head and then when I finish it doesn’t look like I envisioned it. I am a perfectionist and I think that’s what the problem is!! It’s never good enough to me. I AM learning though that things don’t have to be perfect! UGHHHH it’s hard BUT I AM LEARNING!

If you have followed my blog for long you know what trouble I have had getting a color we could like in our bedroom. I went from an old dull white and the room being so dark with the one window in it, to a pepto bismol pink….. yeah yuck! And then RED. I chose that color because hubby LOVES red but he didn’t like it for the bedroom. THEN I decided ok, I love the beach and I’ll fix it in a beach theme and we like it now. The top half of the wall is sky blue and the bottom is white. We (my sis and I) painted the stained doors and molding because it was all stained and made the room sooooo dark. So now it’s really light in color and not so dark!

I’m STILL not finished with the bedroom because I need floor covering and still have to paint a couple more pieces of the furniture. Hubby tells me in the spring we will do the floor. I think I want the laminated hardwood floor in it.

Melissa has so inspired me with her blog with all the eye candy on it that I have all sorts of ideas rolling around in my head again and that’s so nice. When I get my energy back from this crud we’ve all had I am ready to tackle them again. I found some toile fabric at a garage sale back in the fall and I hope it will be enough to cover my dining chairs with.

While reading Alexandra’s book last night I had to stop and write down a few projects I NEED to finish. I have a half page but some of those hubby will have to help with. He’s retired now so I hope I can get some help from him to get some of this done.

Our master bath needs updating since the wallpaper has been on there for like 21 years now. It’s dusty rose, remember when that was so popular?  I want to paint the bath to match the bedroom with the beach theme. I love seashells and am trying to figure out just how to decorate it.

Be sure to visit Melissa’s site if you’re needing some inspiration for decorating your home. She gives some good advise and some neat eye candy to!

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