Sunday, January 16, 2011


I don’t know about you but I have so many things I dream of doing to our home. We built the home 21 years ago if I am remembering right and there’s some things that really need tending to with it. We have a pretty large front porch that faces the west and we don’t use it at all. I would dearly LOVE to close it in with windows and have a sunroom! I LOVVVVVVE sunrooms!!!! But hubby doesn’t share my dreams with our home. Sad smile He’s retired now as well.


I still dream though even though at times I get weary thinking I’ll never get what I dream about but it SURE IS FUN! So for the time being until I win some money I will have to just make me a place to sit and dream out of the front porch. I THINK I can screen it in by myself if I have to. That’s what I’ve thought about lately because we have 3 cats that stay on my cushions out back and they get them so nasty and I nor anyone else wants to sit where they’ve been.  I posted about what I’d like to do for now with the front porch so I will have a place of my own to sit and read and play on the computer.

Anyway the post is about a lady that has been very inspirational to me. I found her blog about 3 days ago I guess it was. I had done a search on decorating the home and she has soooo many pretty inspirational pix on her blog! I love the beach as she does and I love the Coastal Living magazine and I see she does as well.

You have just got to check out her blog if you like to decorate your home. I have fits trying to decorate mine. It doesn’t come easy at all for me. I know what I like, I just can’t get it all together to make it look like I want it to.

Her blog is called THE INSPIRED ROOM and you can click on that to go check out her blog. I just know you will enjoy her enthusiasm as I have! She and I are a lot alike it seems. Although she seems to have the gift to decorate and I have no clue!

I’ve also been dreaming of some built in book shelves for all our books. Hubby and I love reading and we need some book shelves for all our books. Right now they are in our closet on shelves taking up our closet space. I saw something several years ago I wanted to do on one wall in our living room. The wall where the fireplace is. We have a cathedral ceiling in there and I would have lots of space for books on that wall with some book shelves.

She also has a home on the beach! OMGosh I’d LOVE to have a home on the beach!!!!! I didn’t even know I liked the beach until about 4 years ago! lol Here I am in my, well lets say later years and I am JUST NOW finding out I LOVE THE BEACH!!!! I never in a million years would have thought I would have liked the beach! I hate sand in my bed and in my shoes! lol BUT I LOVE walking on the beach, seeing the sunsets and watching it come up as well AND picking up seashells.  PLUS I have no allergy problems when I am on the beach. SO there, it’s good for my health so I NEED a beach home! Winking smile

I’ve got to get after some home deco projects I’ve been needing to do!

Anyway check out her blog!!!!

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