Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Decorating, Beth Moore and Bedroom Re-do

I went today and bought the bright white paint for the ceilings in our dining room and kitchen. They’re in need of some paint so I figured before I paint the walls I need to do the ceiling in there. It hasn’t been refreshed since we built the house 21 years ago.

My sister and I did the living room a couple years ago and she painted the roof in there and then helped me do the walls. I don’t like heights so she got up high and I got the lower parts of the ceiling.

So one day real soon I hope to get the ceiling in the kitchen can dining room painted.

It’s raining today and so dreary. I lite a bunch of candles to make it nicer since it’s so dreary, oh and also drinking me some hot tea. I love the taste of Earl Grey and I found some that is organic that I wanted to try.

Am wanting to take a nap since this weather is like this all I want to do it go to sleep. lol


Now for the Beth Moore part………. I ordered a DVD of Beth’s (EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN and prayer)  and they gave 2 links on it that I am going to share with you. www.isa61.com (There are free study guides on this one that go with the DVD’s.)  and www.ewomen.net

I sure did enjoy watching her. I get so much from her teaching. I told my husband I wanted some more of her DVD’s because she teaches in a way that is encouraging to me and helps me to see things better and so much clearer. I am a visual person and she said she was as well. I learn things much better when I can see visual things.


Beth showed a cup, and said only God can fill our cups, that people can’t fill them and satisfy us. We can get encouragement from people but when we let God fill our cups and then people encourage us, our cup is over flowing then and we’re fulfilled. We have a hunger for more and God made that in us and if we’re not careful we’ll get into things we shouldn’t trying to fulfill that hunger that ONLY God can fulfill. As she was teaching on the DVD I couldn’t help but think of the song below.

Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up, Lord!
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;
Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more--
Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!

Now this part of my post is about our master bedroom re-do…..

I don’t think I ever shared any photo’s with you on the bedroom re-do. I was in there last night on my laptop enjoying being alone and I just had a lamp on in there and decided to take some pix to share with you. It’s not finished yet but when I ever get it finished I promise I will share pix.




I’ll see IF I can find some of the before pix of the bedroom. It is DEFIENTLY much better than it was! It was SO DARK before. We really like it now but it needs something and I can’t figure out what it is. I have some more of the seagulls and my daughter is going to paint them for me like she did these.

I saw something last night while surfing on Melissa’s site that I am going to do to the other wall. The girl did a trio of mirrors on a wall and I need to do that on the opposite wall from the window. That way it will reflect the light from the window to bring in more light to this room.

ahhhhh here it is when it was RED and you can’t see all the wood that’s stained in this room from this pic!  Please excuse the bed not being made. I was playing around trying to see which way I wanted the bed to be since I didn’t have a headboard on it.


As you can see I moved the bed and also found a headboard for our bed. Actually I bought the headboard and we, R and I added the taller posts on the sides and I painted it country white.


Here’s a pic of the color of the doors and the moldings before we painted them white. Sorry it’s blurry. We have 3 doors in our bedroom. I’d started painting the molding at the top of the wall already in this pic.


When I took those mirrors off the wall in the pic above this one, there was pieces of the paint that came off to. Hunks in fact. What I had to do was completely PEEL this mess off my wall as you can see from the next two pix. The only thing I could think of is when we built the house, the folks didn’t prime the walls before they painted them.


I had a MESS! It took me AWHILE to peel all these layers of paint off the wall! In the next pic you can see, it looks like leather! weird!!!!


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