Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogging Ladies

I sure hope you’re not growing weary of me posting some really neat blogs. I am finding all these neat blogs on The Inspired Home blog that I have shared the link to a couple times on here already. I decided to put a link on my blog of hers so you can find that on the left side of my blog.

Anyway this next lady has the VERY SAME PROBLEM I have with clutter or stuff as she calls it! I get it all cleaned up and organized and gave away and in no time it’s back again because like her I like to thrift store and bargain shop. You can read her blog about this subject since she says it much better than I do! See A SOFT PLACE TO LAND. I have also added her link on the left side of my blog so I can refer back to hers often as well as all the others.

Then there is THIS POST about clutter and I LOVVVVVE her idea on hiding unsightly cords to phones etc. We have to have them to charge our phones but we don’t have to have the clutter from them as this clever lady shows! See what mine looks like in the photo below. I just store them here on the cut out between the living room and dining room. Now I am going to hunt me some cans and then I’ll have to figure out just where to put them because they’re probably not going to fit into this area since it’s not very wide here. I don’t have many cabinets to store stuff on so I can’t put them there.


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