Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrating 35 Years of Marriage Today

That’s right, my hubby and I are celebrating 35 years today.

While thinking on this subject last night I happened to think about something I read in a marriage book a few years ago. I’m sorry that I can’t remember who wrote the book to give them credit because it’s a really neat idea!

You see it’s like a bank account, you are either withdrawing or you’re making deposits into your marriage account. If you’re treating your spouse like you would like to be treated, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, you’re making deposits but if you’re constantly being ugly to your spouse, saying things that hurt them, or being ugly in other ways, you are making withdrawals.

A marriage can’t last when all it gets is withdrawals. You have to make regular deposits into your bank account or you wont have any money in there to use your debit card or write a check on. So it is with marriage. If you’re wondering why your spouse is not responding to you it may be you’re over drawn because you’re always being ugly to them.

The Bible tells us to leave family, Fathers and Mothers and kids if that be the case from other marriages, and cleave to our spouse. The spouse can’t be the last one that is considered because that is against scripture for one and second she or he wont feel loved because he or she is always last with you.

This is a good reason why you can’t live next to your family because the Bible says leave them and cleave to your spouse. You’re spouse has to feel important to you and not the last person you consider if you want to have a loving and lasting relationship.

Do you consider all the things you can do for your spouse? Do you like serving him or her? Does it bring you joy to always try to out do something good your spouse does for you, and do something better for her or him? OR are you always thinking of yourself and being selfish? God tells us in His word the last shall be first and He loves a server!!!!

Are you making deposits into your marriage account? If you can’t do it for your spouse do it for God and sooner or later the spouse will start responding to it because if you’ve mainly withdrawn from the account you are in the negative and it will take awhile for her or him to respond to your deposits because they’ve been hurt.

Sometimes we have to really pray and ask God to help us because we’ve been so hurt in the relationship and we don’t want to give and make deposits because we’re not getting deposits into our account. That’s when we’re really loving like Christ loves, when we’re not getting in return, loving like Christ loves because He loves us all the time, it doesn’t matter how we are He STILL loves us.

Make sure you’re making deposits into your marriage account even though you may not think they deserve it because that’s what Christ would do and that’s how we’re suppose to love. Just pray and ask God for His help if it’s hard to do. Satan is out to destroy the family and he can’t if we wont let him.

Make deposits and get a good marriage!



Anonymous said...

Congrats, Rose!!! I didn't know we had anniversaries so close together!! Our 40th was Jan 29!!

Hugs to both of you,

Rose1957 said...

Thanx Punky! I didn't know either! Now isn't that something? WOW 49 years? You got us beat! LOL