Saturday, January 8, 2011


Yesterday my daughter and I shopped the antique stores and today we went to an auction. WOW had loads of fun BOTH days!

I took just a few pix so you could see what they had at the auction. They had some FINE antiques and I mean everyone I looked closely at had NO blemishes on them! I was floored at what some of these things went for. I mean they just gave some of them away! Sad smile It was from an estate and this lady had some beautiful stuff. Since my house is sooo small and FULL already I couldn’t get anything that took up any space. Sad smile

This was a tapestry they had hanging on the wall  that would have been soooo pretty in a frame.


There were like 5 secretaries that sold.


I LOVED this sofa and there was a chair to match. The chair wasn’t the same wood but the fabric matched on both and it looked brand new. The sofa sold for like 300.00 if I am remembering right and the chair was close to 200.00.




This next piece went cheap to.




These next few pieces were a bedroom set and the WHOLE set went for a little over 1 thousand. THAT blew my mind it went for THAT CHEAP! It came with this piece the box springs and mattresses, the night stands, the dressing table, the bed frame, TWO mirrors, the dresser.




I mean this set was FINE! You can see part of the dresser there off to the left where the lady is standing. They were starting to auction it off so I didn’t get a pic of it.





This next piece I really liked! I told my daughter you would be able to see my teacups and teapots all the way around in this one. Winking smile I was a little surprised because this one went for like 300.00 something.


This was a really cool piece and they said it was for maps? Anyway it went for a fair price as well. There were lots of dealers that got some really good prices! Oh this came in two pieces and was mega heavy!


Notice the trunk thingie in this next pic. It was carved like that on the top as well. There was something called a Monks bench that they said came from England and it was sitting close to this but I didn’t get a pic of it. There was also a side board that was from 1800’s that was something to behold and that piece didn’t even sell for 600.00. It was sold for 500 something.


And this is what I came away with. I really liked this little jug with the handle and I got it at the very end of the auction. It reminds me of one me and my mother in law got a few years before she passed away. The one she and I got was for pickles and it doesn’t have the handle nor the lid but it is at least 4 times as large as this one.

At the end of the auction the auctioneer told everyone if they had something that wanted him to auction off to go get it and he’d do it for them because they still had herds of stuff to auction off for next week. I had seen this little jug and thought it was cute when I was looking around at everything earlier. I had checked to make sure it wasn’t chipped or cracked or anything but it never hit the table. Then he started auctioning off the things everyone had sit on the table and my sister in law and I were chatting. When she walked away I noticed this little jug was STILL sitting over there, so I got it and put it on the table. I won the auction on it and got it for 7.00. Someone started bidding against me but I was prepared to go at least to 20 bucks because I really like it!!! Hubby couldn’t believe I was prepared to go THAT high. lol

As you can see in the background on the pic I like the clear containers in my kitchen. I put the quart jar beside it so you could tell it’s size. I think it would make a cute little cookie jar. Hubby says it’s a pickle jar but I think stick peppermint was sold from it. He also said they used to sell pickled eggs out of them but I don’t recall those having the handle.


I hope you enjoyed the tour of all the goodies I took pix of. There were LOTS more but I didn’t get pix of it all. To tell you HOW MUCH they had to auction off, they started at 2 this evening and went until after 8 tonight.

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