Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Made

I saw a soap cutter on one of the soap forums and I really liked it. So I made me one today and also redid the lids on my soap molds hubby and I made a few weeks ago. The lids wasn’t wide enough for the molds and they would slide off when I was carrying them to the utility room. So I put a little board on the underside of them on each end and that holds them in so they wont slide off when I have them full of hot soap. This is the soap cutter below. I’ve got to find me a guitar string to screw onto the little board lying there. Then the other end of the string screws onto the left side of the cutter. You take the little piece of wood in your hand and pull the string tight with it and guide it along the edge of the board and it cuts the soap nice and straight. See the little stop block on the bottom board? That stops the soap and you can cut the soap to the same width every time. You cut it with the guitar string. Cool huh?


Molds with the new lids. I can take the ends off the molds if I need to because they have wing nuts on them.


The lids from the underside. I’m not going to paint them because I don’t know what the paint would do with the hot soap. I always line the molds with paper or good plastic so the soaps not in contact with my wood.


All my soaps curing. I stacked them with these metal trays so they can get air all the way around them and under them. I just bought this metal shelf the other day for only 3 bucks. Just in time for my soaps!


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Susan said...

All those soaps look so awesome in the last picture on your rack. I also like the picture of it all shredd up, reminded me of shredded cheese. Seems like a lot of work though.