Sunday, April 25, 2010

Outdoors and Stuff

I have been working around outdoors for the past week or so. I built me some shelves in our shed so we would have a place to put things. They aren’t the prettiest things in the world but they will work for what I have in mind. I laid the 2x4 across them so you could see there is two, one down one side of it and one down the back side. I also made one on the front side as well.


Next pic is of my garden. I had clear plastic over the first two rows of tomatoes. That’s what the little arch things are there for. It was still too chilly at night when I planted them and I knew they wouldn’t grow so I closed the plastic at night and opened it in the mornings. Anyway you can see by the third row how much of a difference covering them made. They are twice if not three times as large as the others are.


I finally got my shingles in the paths around where I planted the string beans. You can see all my mulch on the sides in the pics. I have a huge pile at the ends of the shingles. You can also see the pinecones I’ve got to pick up in the top edge of this one. lol ALWAYS something to do around here.


Oh by the way, I didn’t mention what I had planted. In this garden I have tomatoes, snap beans, squash, (the egg plants haven’t came up yet), and peppers.

Then in the other garden I have tomatoes, garlic, chives, snap beans, and cucumbers. Then I also have another pile of mulch over there for that one. Am probably going to go ahead and put it on the plants this next week some time. The reason I haven’t yet is so the soil would get warm from the sun and the mulch would make it cool and it needed warmth. It’s really starting to heat up around here now so I think it’s time to put the mulch in place before I have to weed the things! Got ENOUGH to do around here thank you! ;)

Figured you might like to see my grated up soap when I was making the rebatch soap. You can see my left over honey in the pint jar. I used some of it in my soap.


My table with the makings of soap on it. Every things not there yet. We’d just got done measuring every thing.


Then I thought I would throw in a couple more pix. ;) One is my cutie pa-tootie nephew. I’m SURE he’s going to LOVE that! Hee hee And yeah he is single to. We were at the pizza place.


Last but not least….. I went to the bargain store I like to shop at right before Easter and someone there had drew this on the chalkboard. I thought it was soooo pretty and just had to take some pix of it. The girl sure did do a great job drawing it and check out THAT PRINTING!!!!!! VERY NICE!


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