Saturday, April 17, 2010

Azaleas Blooming

Here is my brides wreath in full bloom. I wanted to transplant it all in the circle drive but haven’t gotten that done yet either. Just soooo much to do around here all the time. :(


OK here are my azaleas in bloom. I love the color of this one!


My pink miniature one. This thing has never bloomed like this before.


And another one of it.


This one is the Formosa azalea. It is huge and all the blooms wasn’t opened up yet when I took the pic.


These deep red or maroon ones are out close to the road. They haven’t been planted very long.


This is my Magnolia Fascia I believe is how you spell that word. Man this thing is smelling fine right now. Smells like a really ripe banana and the bush or tree whichever you choose it to be, can get really really big. My Maw-maw used to have one in her yard and it was a monster. Every year when we would go for her birthday party it would be in bloom and smell soooo divine! I always loved it and finally have me two of the plants now.


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