Thursday, April 22, 2010

Outside Shed

Yes I have moved on from soaping to shed-ding. lol Our shed has been in such need for awhile now of some T.L.C. I’ve said all along I was NOT doing it by myself but it looks like that’s exactly what I am doing. Although I have gotten some help from Hubby and his brother. They mounted the wall cabinet for me and then help from my sister on the shelves. We got one of those done when she came by on Monday. So it IS coming along slowly but surely!!

I needed some more 2x4’s to frame some more shelving up with. So we got those today along with some shingles for the garden paths.

Anyway I am trying to clean out the shed and get it organized so we can find our things. It’s been a wreck for much too long now! I don’t have any where to put anything so I am trying to get some shelves made so I can start organizing and cleaning out. Without the shelves they’d be no cleaning it out because you have to have an area to sit things to get started to organize.

Hubby is NOT a builder person. Now you can give him a welding machine and he can do all kinds of things with it and do it well, but to build something from wood, is a challenge and he is an all or nothing kind of person. IF he doesn’t have exactly what he thinks he needs to do the project, (and that takes LOADS of money we don’t have) then he doesn’t do anything if he can’t do it all. So that’s one reason the shed has just been there and no place to sit anything or no certain place for anything. It’s an eye sore that I do plan on working on. Hopefully I can get this eye sore done in a fast time frame. That is, BEFORE it gets TOO HOT, because I don’t do heat! ;)

My plans are to at least pretty it up some. It’s an old metal shed, nothing fancy by any means but it IS a place to put things and for that I AM thankful! So when you have lemons, make lemon aide and that’s just what I plan to do. ;) My plans are to even landscape around the sides of it to help the looks of the poor thing since it IS soooo ugly!

I really love the color of THIS shed! The green shutters on the other one looks really neat and the green plants I like with this color to. Tried to save the first  pic to my computer so I can see if Wal-mart can match that paint color for me but it wont let me save the pic. I was searching for ideas on landscaping around the shed when I found this pretty little shed that I love the color on.

Anyway if I am missing in action for the next few weeks you will know where I am. Just please keep me in your prayers that God will give me some energy to get this job finished before it gets too hot out there for me to do it AND that I don’t find a snake out there as well! :) Because THAT’S WHY I have said I wasn’t doing this project alone because I am SOOO SCARED of the things! UGHHHH

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