Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am ready to make some more soap. :) Bet you guessed that though didn’t you? I am feeling a little better now and have a little more energy. YEA!

I’m wanting to make some coffee soap. They say it takes the smell off your hands when you have to peel onions or garlic.

I also need to find me one of those wooden soap holders so our soap wont sit in water in the bathtub. DH took a bath with one of the bars today and came out of the bathroom saying how much he liked the stuff and how he loved the way it felt. It’s very silky feeling. The one he used was the Oatmeal Rosemary Mint ones. The smell isn’t as strong as it was a couple weeks ago when we made it. :( Sure wish it would hold it’s smell! But it’s STILL better than buying soap that doesn’t have the glycerin in it. My poor dry skin NEEDS the glycerin!!

I have quite a collection of recipes I have found online and on forums that I want to try. I wanted to put some vitamin E oil in the Oatmeal soap but wound up forgetting to do that. I also want to use some fresh aloe vera I have to. I found a book that tells just how to use it and the method on what to do. So I will be adding some of that in the next soaps I make really soon.

Just wanted to drop in a let you all know I am still around. ;) Hopefully I will keep feeling better and better.

Hope you all are well and getting along great!


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Susan said...

I'm so glad the soap worked out good. Homemade is better than store bought I think. I hope you get back to feeling 100% really soon.