Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Soap

My sis and I got together again yesterday and made 2 more batches of soap. First batch was Rosemary, Chamomile Coffee soap, second batch was, Oatmeal Vanilla Pound Cake. That one smells yummy to! These are 3 pound batches.

Then DH and I got together today and made yet another batch. This one was an 8 1/2 pound batch. I am going to remill or rebatch it. You can shred it up and make several different kinds of soap with the one batch of basic plain soap. This pic below is of the one DH and I made today. I just used a box lid for the mold on this one. I have to cut it later once it sets up a little more. This batch will make several bars of soaps. I will soon be remilling it because I don’t have to wait for it to cure before I remill it.

Lard Soap 2

This is the coffee soap my sister and I made on Friday. I cut it and now have to get it out of it’s mold so it can start curing. This soap is suppose to get odors off your hands when you peel onions or garlic. This is a kitchen soap.


This next pic is of the Oatmeal Vanilla Pound Cake soap. This stuff smells soooo yummy! We’ll starve to death when using it unless we take food to the bath tub with us! hee hee These last two are the 3 pound batches. We should have plenty of soap when we get done making all this soap. Man it sure is fun making it!


The plastic you see sticking out on all the moulds are the liner I put in the moulds. Instead of using freezer paper I just lined them with the plastic.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all our soaps. I will try to remember to post pix once I cut them. My sis has the  Oatmeal soap at her house. Maybe she will send me a pic of it when she cuts it.

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