Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poor Plants

See how my plants do when I plant them to keep inside until it gets warm enough outside for them? This is garlic I bought and planted two days ago and they’re already this tall and already spindle e. I have them in front of a south facing window and it’s actually TWO windows and they are STILL weenie plants! Now WHAT am I going to do because they’re SUPPOSE to be wider and thicker than this? :(   I have NEVER been able to grow outdoor plants inside in the early spring. These things grew 2 more inches today after I took the pic of them. NO LIE! I can’t get over how FAST they have shot up!


I also wanted to show you my saucer magnolia a friend gave me. He rooted it and I planted it here last summer and it’s FULL of blooms this spring. I am soooo excited! NOW I am going to root me some of this one for other places in my yard.



It needs something and I’m not sure of what yet. The leaves aren’t a deep green so I’m wondering if Ironite might be what it needs. Going to do a little research and see.

This pic below is of some iris’s. The birdbath is turned upside down to keep it from freezing. Will turn it upright later on when I’m sure we’ll have no more freezes. The iris’s are out doing themselves this year!


Hope you enjoy what’s blooming in my yard right now. Well in fact I have daffodils and a hyacinths blooming as well that I didn’t get pix of. Will have to do that before they get too ugly. ;)

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