Monday, March 29, 2010

Soaping Again

My sis and I got together again yesterday and made some soap.

This is some re-batched soap. Some of the soaps we’ve already made in the past, we took and shredded up and made this from it. You can add some really good smelling stuff doing it like this and it smells soooo good. The lye doesn’t eat it all up because the lye’s gone in it when we re-batched it because this is aged soap.We made 4 one pound batches of re-milled or re-batched soap.


This batch below is the CP soap. It’s a fresh batch. It is Lemon Verbena. Notice what we used for molds. ;) We sliced them today and made 2 bars from each mold. Quite cute if I do have to say so myself. ;) I’ll have to run and get a pic of them cut to show you.

P3281557 A close up.


Some more of the re-batched soap.



See how dark some of them are compared to the others? I had some bought soap scrapes I shredded up in some of them and it made them darker. To tell you just HOW SMOOTH ours is compared to store bought, bought soap is like shredding a carrot and isn’t smooth at all. Our soap is like shredding a VERY FIRM baked potato but a little harder, but yet smooth and silky like. It’s hard to explain but the homemade soap is soooo much better than the bought. When I shredded up the store bought stuff I had several brands of it and it all was about the same.


This is some of the soap shredded up. It feels soooo funny and looks like coconut. lol


Our soap making table. We had just got finished measuring everything. I measured the lye outside this time and it was soooo much better. I though we were going to make 2 batches but she didn’t have any coconut oil so we couldn’t because I used nearly all of mine in the batch. The tall large stainless steel pot to the back of the table is my soaping pot.


Here are the yogurt container cut soaps. They are ozzing with oil for some reason. I’m hoping they will be alright since they’re sooo oily because my skin should LOVE this soap!!!


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