Sunday, March 14, 2010

Large Plain Batch

Hubby and I made a large plain batch of soap yesterday. I am going to re-batch it to make some really oily soap for my poor dry itchy skin. This is a 8 1/2 pound batch and I used a plastic lined cardboard box lid for my mould. I used other cardboard lids for the cover on it so the towels and quilt wouldn’t come in contact with the soap because at this stage it is still caustic. You have to wrap it up so it can stay warm for awhile so it wont cool off too fast. You should feel how warm this stuff gets in under the beach towels or the quilt. It feels like an electric blanket under there. In this recipe I used plain old lard, coconut oil and olive oil.

Lard Soap

Here it is cut.

Plain Lard Soap Good One

I will shred it all up and make several soaps out of it now. I want to put some ground up oatmeal, some vitamin E oil, some shea butter, and cocoa butter, castor oil, and grapeseed oil in some of it. These bars should be a good moisturizing bar for me. That’s what I am hoping anyway!

Plain Lard Soap1

I put the carrot peeler beside it so you could see just how large I cut these bars of soap.

As it dries out it should get a little whiter.

All of us that have used the soap so far really likes bathing with it.

I’m planning yet another batch with some left over shortenings, lard, and oils I have left.

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Susan said...

Some of those soaps you made sound good enough to eat. You sure are going to be a clean bunch there with all that soap you have made :)

Someday I am going to try making my own soap.

I would not have had the nerve to get that close to those buffalo!