Friday, November 2, 2012

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to Our Buddy




While looking at a cute little blog a few minutes ago I realized we missed our pooches birthday! Sad smile


I was thinking he was born in Nov. but we GOT him in Nov. Also was thinking he was 5 but he was 4! My poor brain isn’t working right these days so hopefully he will forgive me once we do something for his birthday!

It’s been a little while since I posted about him so I figured I would post some pix of him for you all to see. Several have asked about him and I sent pix but figured I would share these on my blog since I posted my link on her blog awhile ago. Was telling her about Buddy and how he was like her dog Chet. I think they got separated at birth! lol


This is his favorite ball.


Here he is close up. When you call him and you have the camera he doesn’t be still and most of them are blurry. IF you get on the floor with him to take a pic, most of them are MEGA close up! lol


Got milk? Milk kefir that is! He loves the stuff.


Wanna play ball?



ahhhhh come on!


guarding the ball and STILL waiting.Winking smile

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Kate said...

He is beautiful.