Friday, November 2, 2012

Chair Cover



I bought this chair cover at the thrift store awhile back. In my cleaning out the sewing room I found it and was going to get rid of it and decided to see IF it would fit this chair. It’s too big for it so I turned it inside out and put it on the chair and let it stay for like 2 days trying to decide IF I wanted to tackle fixing it to fit this chair.

The main reason I wanted to fix it for the chair is this, I keep an old sheet in this chair because Buddy the Boston terrier likes to sit in this chair. Some folks don’t like sitting where a dog sits so I can take it off for visitors. So this looks MUCH nicer than the old sheet was my thinking since I am the one that has to look at it all the time. PLUS it can be taken off and washed!

See how much too big it is for the chair? See all the piles of fabric inside the chair part?  There was so much fabric on the arms of the chair that I decided it would be best to take the seams out there to take it up to fit the chair. This fabric is VERY thick!

Took photo’s in case anyone wanted to tackle doing this for one of their chairs with a chair cover they find.


As you can see on the right of the pic I have that seam taken apart. The extra fabric that is on the cushion itself will be tucked in around the cushion to keep it from having to be fixed every time someone sits in it.


See the gaping hole in this one? There was another foot of fabric width here that I did not need. I took it out and will sew this up and have less sagging fabric on the sides.


The piece of fabric on the floor to the right of the pic is the piece I took out of the side so I wont have so much sagging fabric there. Then the square piece that is on the floor, that will actually be on the outside when it’s turned right and this will hide the elastic they put in it. I took that off so I could make it shorter since it’s too long as well. 


I put the cushion inside the chair so I could see how much I needed to remove of the fabrics. Like I said the cover is inside out so I can pen it from this side or mark on it where the seams need to go.

From the looks of it I think I need to go ahead and take the rest of that seam out on the arms to so the seam can be at the top around the arms. See how the seam is hanging down and not where it needs to go? This cover was for one of those over sized chairs. I found it and figured I would use the fabric for something else because the fabric is so thick. But then decided to fix it for this chair.

Now for a pic of that Boston Terrier that likes this chair. See the chair in the background with the sheet thrown over it? I think this will look much better.



When I get it sewn together and finished I will post an update pic.


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