Saturday, November 17, 2012


Wanted to show you some pix I took while at my Uncle Marks house a few months back. He had lymphoma cancer and hospice was called in to help. I went to stay a little while with them to be with him what I could.

This field is right across the road from their house. It’s been there for 29 years now. They always have something planted in it, winter, spring, fall whatever.


This machine you can see in the field is on wheels and it rolls along the field and waters it and puts out what needs to be put on the plants. They plant wheat, peanuts and cotton in this field.

Those little concrete things to the bottom of the pic are some little things my uncle was trying to sell many years ago.


You can see that machine better in this pic.


As you can see this thing is huge! While I was there the first time visiting with my uncle they sprayed something on the field. About 45 minutes later I was sick as a dog but it didn’t bother anyone else. Hubby said I really scared him because I was pale as a ghost. I thought I was going to wind up throwing up but I didn’t. I was so sick to my stomach it was horrible!


This field is HUGE as you can see on this pic. The small trees are in my uncles front yard.


You can see the field here.


A good shot of the field here. It goes all the way to the highway which is about 1/4 mile and then I don’t know how far the other way. This is looking across the field.


This is how far it goes back on this side.


They’re constantly spraying either water, a herbicide or a pesticide on this thing! I really believe this is why my Uncle Mark had cancer and was as bad as it was because you KNOW that can’t be healthy breathing that stuff. Look what it did to me just that one time! I think hubby was about ready to find a E.R. for me. I know one thing, it was really scary for me because I had no clue WHAT was wrong with me. I had to go lie down and everyone kept coming in there to check on me.

I sure do miss my Uncle and Thanksgiving without him just isn’t going to be the same this year! When I was a teen he gave me a real sewing machine in a cabinet! I’d always liked to sew even as a little child. He got me a little toy machine that really worked when I was under 10 years old and I just loved it! I made doll clothes with it. Anyway then he gives me this one when I was a teen and I thought I’d died and went to heaven. I think I was 16 at the time. Man how I wish I’d kept that machine! Anyway he’s also given me my Maw Maw’s old petal type sewing machine. I’m hoping I can get it soon since he gave it to me and there’s no way I will EVER get rid of that one!


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