Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Don’t know about you but I always look at magazines and online to get ideas for Christmas decorating. I like to get a color in mind so I’ll know what I want to do.

I’ve been putting up stuff and rearranging a little to have room for the Christmas things later when I/we start decorating.

Sitting here looking at Pinterest trying to get some ideas and found this link and thought this was so pretty!

ADVENTURES IN DECORATING I LOVE the nutcracker mantel pix. I wanted to do beads on my mantel last year and forgot about it SO I hope I can remember that THIS year.

I would love to put my Christmas tree in a spot where you could see it from the road but that’s not going to be able to work. We closed in the front porch for my sewing room last year and unless I sit a SMALL tree on my sewing table you wont be able to see my tree from the road. lol

Simple BUT pretty idea. I’d like to do something on this scale for beside my back door. That’s where everyone comes in at our house.





GORGIOUS STAIRWAY –I don’t have one to decorate but this is so pretty!




THIS is SOOOOO pretty! Wondering if I could do something like this on my china cabinet.




MIRROR IDEA to make your tree sparkle more. Going to do this! I have some already on hand from another project. Scroll on down the page until you see the little round mirrors. Mine are square but it doesn’t matter. Now IF I can find them! LOL I’ve moved things around so much in the past year I’m having trouble finding my things now.


I’m hoping to get our tree up this coming Saturday. Trying to do some de-cluttering now so the house wont be soooo packed with stuff.


You all started your Christmas decorating yet? Leave me a message so I can see what you’ve done.


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WhineNRoses said...

I started decorating a week before thanksgiving, which is early for me but had so much fun doing it!!
Happy Holidays!!